SEPA 11/8/14 Mug n Hug for Korean War Vet Norwood, PA


Our own Danny “Capt. Dan” O’Kane has requested we give his neighbor and good friend, one of our famous Mug n Hugs!  Sure we can do that Captain!

John Bort, from Norwood, PA is 79 years young and an Army Veteran.  John was drafted into the  Army in 1958. From 1958 to 1960 he was stationed in South Korea just south of the DMZ in the Village of Tonguchon.  John was a sergeant in the 7th Aviation Company.

John returned stateside to San Fransicsco Transport on the Military Sea Transport Ship USNS Hugh J. Gaffey.

Please join us in thanking John for his service, it will be an honor to meet this American HERO!

Date: Nov. 8, 2014

Rally: 10:15 am Interboro HIgh School, Amosland Road  Prospect Park, PA

KSU:  10:30 am



SEPA VETERAN’S DAY CELEBRATION at Hallman Retirement Neighborhood Pottstown, PA


We received a request by Patty and Janelle, the Activities Coordinators at Hallman Retirement Neighborhoods. They asked us to join them in honoring the residents in their community who have served our country at their annual Veteran’s Day Celebration.

They heard about AHW and WWR at the recent Military Appreciation Night at Pottsgrove High School. Brenda told Patty that we would love to come out and meet the residents and thank them for THEIR service!

We are still in the planning stages so watch this site for updates but it will be the week before or week of Veteran’s Day, most likely in the early evening.

Janelle said ” Thanks for your time. We love what you do and are excited about the prospect of your group coming to work with us!”

Janelle Reitz, Activities Coordinator

Hallman Retirement Neighborhoods

Well, Janelle, WE are excited to meet your Vets too!!!  


SEPA 7th annual Salute the Troops Car and Bike Show , Media, PA


We have been asked to set-up a flag line at the 7th annual Salute the Troops Car and Bike show sponsored by the Delco Cruisers

This show is a donations only show where all funding collected goes immediately to all the organizations present for their use to support our troops. This year should put the Cruisers over $50k donated to date. Delco Cruisers will also present WWR with honor coins to provide to our returning heroes and has also been very generous to A Hero’s Welcome.  We appreciate the help they have given us and we want to support their big day!  Please bring your American Flag and join us at Rose Tree Park.


A Hero’s Welcome will set up an info table, if you’d like to help at the table, please let Brenda or I know.  

Don’t forget to bring your camera too, there are lots of beautiful cars to see!!! 

Saturday: November 8, 2014 at 2:30 pm are ceremonies will begin. 

Rally Time: 2:00pm
Location: Rose Tree Park 1681 Providence Rd, Media Pa 19063

Tom say’s “Lets make some noise! 

SEPA 11/12 Mug & Hug for Senior Center Elkins Park, PA


AHW and WWR did such a great job at the Arbors in Feasterville honoring their
veterans that the word has traveled all the way to Elkins Park in Delaware County.

The senior center in Elkins Park has requested that we honor their veterans with our
famous Mug & Hug. We just can’t say no to these awesome seniors that sacrificed so much
to help preserve our freedom.

Main Rally Point TBD

Main Rally Time TBD

KSU Approx 1100

PA 10/5/14 SHORT NOTICE M&H FOR SSG Othoniel Cruz Rondon, US Army Collegeville, PA




Warriors’ Watch Riders have received a request from the family of SSG. Rondon for one of our world famous M&H’s at a party the family is throwing for our hero. Here is a little about SSG. Rondon. 

He has been active duty for 10 years in the Infantry (Army). He has 3 beautiful daughters and a soon to be step-daughter (Evelyn, Dawn, Aaliyah and Khaleesi). Othoniel is originally from a small town in Puerto Rico. He has done 2 tours in Iraq and this tour in Afghanistan.

For this deployment he left in the middle of January 2014 and did not return until the end of August 2014. In this past tour he missed his beautiful daughter Khaleesi’s birth, who is now about to be 6 months old on Oct 8.

The family could not be there for his welcome home ceremony in El Paso, TX. It was very heart breaking for everyone.

He is very proud of being a Soldier and thinks of the Army very highly and loves what he does, even with all the heart ache and problems it has caused for him physically and mentally.

Othoniel hasn’t seen his daughters, Evelyn and Dawn, for 3 years  as  they live in the Philippines, it has been really hard on him. 

Rally Point: 130 West Main St. Collegeville, PA. 19426

Rally Time: 16:00 (4:00 PM) 

KSU: 16:25 (4:25 PM) 

PA 11/22/14 Brookhaven Holiday Parade, Brookhaven, PA


Please pass on to any Veteran you know.….They can be from any town, borough or city.
The Brookhaven Holiday Parade has decided to dedicate this years Christmas Parade to all of our active duty, veterans and retired Military Personal .

The annual parade will be held on Saturday November 22, 2014 and we are looking for anyone who would like to be involved in honoring our nations heroes.

Thanksgiving and Christmas themes are still the main event of the day but this year we wanted to give this event an extra spark, so we are reaching out to veterans and active military organizations to participate. We are calling on business, educational, political , and residential communities to capitalize on this opportunity to show our appreciation for the liberties and freedoms we all share and the men and women who played a key role in securing and maintaining our way of life.
If you wish to acknowledge their contributions by participating, please contact Parade Chairman Vawn Donaway at 610-872-0681 or our municipal center at 610-874-2557 ext. 10 and they will get the word back to one of our committee members.

Please show your support help us get the word out.

Brookhaven Borough Councilwoman

Denise Leslie

The First, Official, A Hero’s Welcome Pennsylvania Chapter Director Brenda Hecklin



Brenda joined A Hero’s Welcome two years ago and has worked consistently on the scene of welcome home celebrations as well as behind the scenes planning upcoming welcomes.

Brenda believes in the mission of A Hero’s Welcome and backs up that belief by being an integral part of bringing home our military.   I am so grateful for all she has done to help me and A Hero’s Welcome.

Brenda’s organizational skills have been the catalyst behind current projects such as the AHW information packets that are presented to schools and community groups and the Certificates of Appreciation given to local businesses that support our missions.  In addition to attending almost every Pennsylvania mission posted in the past two years, Brenda also works tirelessly to keep everyone supplied with MSAWI stars for our troops.

 Please join me in welcoming Brenda as the Pennsylvania Chapter Director as she works passionately to help grow our organization through hard work and commitment to ensure all service members get the proper welcome home!

Looking for ways to help AHW? I’ve got some ideas!


Summer is over and things are going to get busy with the holidays coming up.. this also means the troops will be coming home more frequently to see family and friends.

I’d like to put together “Welcome Home Teams” to cover periods of time (creating a schedule)  and to cover areas of PA and NJ where the welcomes would take place.  I’m hoping this will make more efficient use of everyone’s time and resources. (Ideas are welcome)

Please contact me if you’d like to be a part of a “team’ where you live.   If there is a welcome home close to you, you would present the certificate and be a part of the planning for that particular welcome.  Similar to the Ride Captain for our sister group, the Warriors’ Watch Riders.  It’s very exciting to know YOU put the welcome home together, very rewarding to see the family and our HERO be reunited!

Please think about it…  and thank you for your continued support!

For the Troops,

Maria Hyland

* * * *

Look what we have so far!

PR: Jane Perkins and Dan O’Kane

Bucks County Team:  Paul and Clare Wexler

Phila Airport Team:  Dan O’Kane

Montgomery County Team:  Maria and Bob Kerr

Needed: Website Moderators and Email support

Warriors’ Watch Rider Harry Rombold featured on Harley Davidson Visa Commercial!


Our very own Harry Rombold entered his story and the story of the Warriors’ Watch Riders mission to a recent Harley Davidson Visa commercial contest.. and well, we all know Harry is a winner.. but this time.. so did Harley Davidson!! Please sit back and enjoy this video clip.. and just think.. we all can say “we knew Harry …when”

Thank you Harry for being the perfect representative from WWR !

(password is hdv if needed)

SEPA 10/11/14 UPDATE! Welcome /Escort LT-JG Nimesh Vaidya, U.S. Navy Center Square, PA

Rally Point:

Kohl’s Parking Lot, Rt 202 and Rt. 73  Center Square (Blue Bell) PA 19422

Rally Time: 4:30 PM

KSU: 5:15 PM  Escort to Plymouth Meeting, PA 

We have a request from Naina, the girlfriend of LTJG Nimesh Vaidya, for a welcome /escort for him now that he is coming home from a year long deployment. 

LT JG Vaidya has served in the U.S. Navy for the past 13 years. He absolutely loves his career thus far in the Navy.  He worked very hard and as a result, moved up the ranks fairly quickly for his age.

He joined the Navy right after high school, grew up in Bucks county and currently resides in Warrington, PA.

Nimesh is now a LTJG (Lieutenant Junior Grade). He is 32 years old, oldest Son and the first in his family to serve in the U.S. Navy.

He went to Central Bucks High School and later went on to Penn State Abington where he graduated with honors and received his bachelor’s degree in Computers and Information Technology. He is coming home from a year long deployment from Djibouti, Africa. 
Naina said ” He and I have been together for 5 years and are looking forward to beginning our lives together now that he is home.
We will have a party on Saturday, October 11th. ( I still do not know the exact time of his arrival, and won’t know until probably later this week, you know – being in the military, you get almost 24 hr notice). 
Once again I certainly appreciate all your help in making this a memorable welcome home for Nimesh. 
Kindest regards,
Naina. “

All we know is that this will be on Saturday, possibly afternoon, Standby for details of his arrival. Will post time as soon as we know more. Just spoke with Naina and as of today, Tues, the LT still has not heard when his flight leaves. (you know the drill)


ECPA 10/19 Welcome Home Cpl. Tallarico, USMC Bethlehem, PA

Recently while working in someone’s home, Tin Teach (Mike)  stuck up a conversation with the homeowner.  The owner was an elderly man, and as it tuned out,  this man is a Marine.  He served in Korea 1950.

This Marine is 84 years YOUNG and earned 2 Purple Hearts!

Here’ s Mikes story about our HERO: 

“As we talked and I worked, Cpl. Tallarico asked if he could show me something he came home with, a few minutes later he returned. When I turned around he was holding a prosthetic leg in hand. He had lost his leg mid thigh.

One of the stories he related to me was in 1950, Marine Corps brass did not believe those in the field… that the Chinese were in the fight.

This man standing in front of me was one of the “Frozen Chosin” from the battle of the Chosin Reservoir. 1st Marines number approx. 20,000 they were surrounded by 100,000 Chinese, and had to fight their way out.

I had no coin in my pocket, when finished with the job I asked to speak to his wife outside. Explained what we do and stated that we would love to come by on his birthday and give him a long overdue Welcome Home. Well people, his 85th Birthday is coming up on Sunday, October 19th. We will be crashing his Birthday Party at approx. 2:00 PM

Rally Point: TD Bank, 520 Wyandotte St, Bethlehem, PA 18015
Rally Time: 1:30 PM
KSU: 2:00 PM

PA 9/26/14 UPDATE! Military Night, Pottsgrove High School, Pottstown, Pa


Sorry for the delay in posting the pictures from this event.  AHW and WWR thank you for the support!!

wwrpottsgrove 14 pottsgrove military


1400 N CHARLOTTE ST (RTE 663)  Pottstown, PA 19464

Rally Time 5:45PM


Contact:  AHW: Brenda  215-816-9860  WWRRC 63HOTEL (TOM )610-329-2830

Seven Years ago, A Hero’s Welcome was founded and we hosted our very first welcome home celebration at Pottsgrove High School!!!  Pottsgrove Graduate and Marine Aaron Martin and Boyertown Graduate Patrick Smith!!!

Since then, A Hero’s Welcome has grown to welcome home hundreds of military members!  Pottsgrove Football team wanted to continue this tradition, so each football season for local veterans they do just that.

AHW and WWR will once again join together to honor local, hometown Veterans at their home game on Friday 9/26/14.

A Hero’s Welcome was contacted by Athletic Director, Gary DeRenzo and invited AHW and WWR to join in the celebration. Pottsgrove Cheerleaders will lead the Veterans out onto the football field and the Football team members will honor the Vets and present the them with an MSAWI  ‘Star for our Troops” , the same star packet we present at our welcome home celebrations.  Please join AHW, WWR and Pottsgrove Football if you can.. and don’t forget to bring your American Flag, supporting  Pottsgrove H.S. as they continue this proud tradition!

Here are pictures from last year’s event!

and link to an article about the very first A Hero’s (and Pottsgrove) Welcome Home.