4/26/15 PA Flag Line to Honor 19 Disabled Veterans Philadelphia, PA


We have been asked to honor 19 Disabled Veterans who are attending a Veteran’s Entrepreneurial Jumpstart (VEJ) Program at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. Details about this program is below.  We will stand flag line at the University and present these Heroes with our AHW Certificate and thank them for their service.
So, let’s get out there and show our veterans what they mean to us.  (NO escort)
EBV Logo (small text below logo) WEB
Andrew Colket Program Administrator writes:
We are hosting 19 disabled veterans from across the country who will be participating in our Veterans Entrepreneurial Jumpstart (VEJ) program designed to help them start their own businesses. The veterans will be here from April 26 – May 1. Our program is free of charge to our veterans – transportation, lodging, meals and materials are all included. In addition, at the completion of the program, each veteran will be assigned a mentor who will help them in the initial stages of executing the business plan. They will also receive a complement of in-kind services to include: wealth management; website development and hosting; tax & accounting services; legal & contract services; access to St. Joe’s online business library; and a free business computer through a local American Legion post.
I think that having a welcoming committee who truly supports our veterans would help set the tone for the rest of the week.
If it is possible, we would love to have your group participate in the welcome on April 26th. Our veterans will be transported in two vans from the Hilton City Avenue (4200 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA) to Mandeville Hall at St. Joe’s (parking lot on 54th Street off of City Avenue).

We would have everyone staged at Mandeville Hall by 10:50am in time for the veterans’ arrival.



Please bring your 3’X5′ American Flag for a flag line.

Sunday, April 26, 2015
Rally Point: LA Fitness parking lot on north side of city line Ave.
25 E City Line Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
It is approx the 4800 blk of City Line on Phila. side
Conshohocken St. Rd. and City Line Ave.

Rally Time 10: 10am

KSU: 10:30 AM
5 min ride to St. Joes


ECPA 6/7 Welcome Home SP/4 Benjamin Ziegler, watch for updates on location and time!


A Hero’s WElcome, we have been invited to join the Warriors’ Watch Riders to  Welcome home SP/4 Ziegler. This post includes Ben’s bio, it is very important that it be read.
SP/4 Ziegler was diagnosed with ALS, (Lou Gerig’s Disease) This home coming is to be a total secret.

RC: Tin Teach

Rally Point: TBD
Rally Time: TBD

Ben enlisted in the US Army in 2009. Did his boot camp at Fort Knox in Louisville KY. From there he went to Fort Hood and then onto Akrit in the West Province of Iraq in 2010. When he first got to Iraq he was the driver for his commander. From there he became a gunner for the commanders vehicle and then was in the infantry in Iraq. He was part of the 2nd squadron 3rd ACR or as he calls them “Heavy Company”.
Upon returning to the states, he was based at Fort Benning in Columbus GA. He was in Special Ops prep course when he started developing tingling in his left hand, that was in January of 2013. After being instructed to get it checked out, it took 4 months to get a diagnosis of ALS. Despite the rapid progression of the disease, he continued in the Army and wouldn’t let his diagnosis hold him back. He finally was given his medical discharge on February 19, 2014, by then he had lost most of the movement in his left arm and leg but still had fairly good use of his right side. He was retired as Specialist Benjamin Ziegler. My husband flew to Atlanta and the two of them drove home in Ben’s car which was packed with all his belongings from his military career. No fanfare upon his arrival.
As a kid, he was a great baseball player, and a big Phillies fan. He also loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, etc. he seems to have a passion for military history, and watches a lot of the history channel and the military channel.
It so difficult to watch him deteriorate, knowing this kid was fulfilling his dream of defending his country.
I don’t know too much about achievements, however I do know that he did receive his Spurs, Stetson and Sabres. All items that he is very proud of.


SEPA 5/9 Meghan’s Foundation -Flag Line Newtown, AP


A Hero’s Welcome and the Warriors’ Watch has been asked by our own Thomas and Maureen Shortt if we could ride into a location in Buckingham as a group and then stand a flag line during the opening ceremony for their 2015 fundraiser. This should take about an hour and then we can roll out after the competition begins. Please try to attend as the Meghan’s foundation is a very worthy cause which helps our Veterans with PTSD.Please bring 3×5 Flags !

Rally Place : Chick-Filet Newtown Shopping Center, 4 W Rd, Newtown, PA 18940
Rally Time: 07:15
KSU: 07:45

RC: Lee Cannon


5/22/15 Patriotic Celebration Phoenixville, PA


A Hero’s Welcome has been invited once again, to participate in the annual Patriotic American Flag Celebration in Phoenixville, PA .  The ceremony has strong meaning to the Phoenixville community as a day to commemorate finding the town’s stolen and defaced American Flag.  Please join us as Phoenixville uses this flag celebration to teach the area students the true meaning of our flag,  Memorial Day and the sacrifices of our Military.

Story below:

The Origin of the Annual Kiwanis Patriotic Celebration, held each year in Reeves Park, began 21 years ago when the huge flag donated by the Kiwanis in the park was maliciously cut down from the 85 foot flag pole over Memorial Day weekend. A Kiwanis member found the flag a week later floating in nearby French Creek. Our flag was cleaned and minor damages repaired. Preparations were made to have it reinstalled. However, being so close to Flag Day, June 14, it was suggested that we hold off till then, just a few days away, and honor “Old Glory” with a grand celebration. All “red tape” was cut in approximately two working days. First, it was necessary to reinstall the line on our 85 ft. pole. This was graciously accomplished by our local Fire Department using their 100 foot ladder truck. Then, permission was granted by the Phoenixville Area School District School Administration, to have area school children attend with the High School Band participating and rendering patriotic selections.

A complete patriotic program was developed.

A sound system was borrowed from our YMCA and a program speaker was provided by nearby Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge to address the children. A local story teller rendered a tale about a stolen flag.

Over 1000 area school children attended our first grand celebration after getting “permission slips” signed to participate – again, all accomplished in approximately two working days!

It can be done using common sense. Throughout the subsequent years, the celebration has maintained the same basic patriotic theme with children from all area elementary schools in attendance as well as the middle school chorus, and the award winning high school band rendering patriotic selections.

Perhaps this may be the only event during the entire school year where just about every school in our Phoenixville area, from elementary through high school, is represented. Many area residents and dignitaries now attend and Freedoms Foundation has continued to support our program. The date, on which the annual event is held, has been moved to correspond, as close as possible to May 30, the traditional Memorial Day, since many schools now end their school year prior to June 14, Flag Day.

Rally Time: 9:10

Rally Location: 785 Starr St,  Phoenixville, PA

Acme Shopping Center parking lot

KSU: 9:25


ECPA 5/30/15 SP/4 Sean Durkin Memorial Bethlehem, PA


P/4 Sean Durkin was KIA April 9, 2010. Sean was a member of the 82nd Airborne and was killed by IED in Afghanistan. Several members of the 82nd Airborne will be coming in to pay their respects to Sean and his family. These members of the 82nd travel yearly, to honor a member who was KIA, to participate in  a memorial service.
This year is Sean’ s turn.

We will be escorting Sean’s family, friends and members of the 82nd to Sean’s gravesite, then to Bethlehem Township Park where they are holding a party in memory of SP/4 Durkin. I have been working with the organizer of the event, which also happens to be the wife of Sean’s team leader.

http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/breakin … it_to.html

Rally Point: TBD
Rally Time: TBD

Please bring 3×5 flags


PA 4/28/14 Honor mission for Robert Miller / Vietnam Vet Doylestown, PA


We received a request from the family of Robert Miller to stand an honor flag line during his funeral service and to then escort the funeral procession to Washington’s Crossing National Cemetery. We are honored to be asked. Details are as follows:
Please join the services at either the funeral home or at Washington’s Crossing Cemetery.  
Date: April 28, 2014

Rally Time: 10:00AM

Rally Location:
Varcoe Thomas Funeral home
344 N Main St.
Doylestown, PA

Funeral Service : 10:30AM – 11:30AM
Burial at Washington’s Crossing: 1:00PM

RC: 68TriBonn


PA 4/30/15 Washington Crossing National Cemetery Unattended Veterans’ Service Newtown, PA


Thursday, April 30, 2014 2:00 p.m.

Military Honors will be performed in honor of those veterans interred this month who had no one attending their service.

The names will be read, the Pennsylvania Military Honors team will present the flag to a volunteer who will receive the flag on behalf of all of the veterans. The Guardians will perform the rifle salute and provide live Taps if available. If not, the electronic bugle will be used.

The Unattended Veteran’s Service will take place after any scheduled 1:30pm service has been completed.

It is our hope that all cemetery employees will be present along with any interested individuals wishing to attend. Feel free to invite anyone you wish. Clergy of all faiths are invited to attend. If they care to offer any words during the service, please contact Gina Accardo, at 215-504-5610 ext 202, or e-mail gina.accardo@va.gov .

Main Rally Point
Applebees (really Chick-fil-a)
Newtown Shopping Center
4 West Road, Newtown, PA 18940

Rally Time 1300
KSU 1330


4/30/15 Un-attended Veteran’s Service Newtown, PA


  1. Washington Crossing National Cemetery
    Unattended Veterans’ Service

    Thursday, April 30, 2015 2:00 p.m.

    Military Honors will be performed in honor of those veterans interred this month who had no one attending their service.

    The names will be read, the Pennsylvania Military Honors team will present the flag to a volunteer who will receive the flag on behalf of all of the veterans. The Guardians will perform the rifle salute and provide live Taps if available. If not, the electronic bugle will be used.

    The Unattended Veteran’s Service will take place after any scheduled 1:30pm service has been completed.

    It is our hope that all cemetery employees will be present along with any interested individuals wishing to attend. Feel free to invite anyone you wish. Clergy of all faiths are invited to attend. If they care to offer any words during the service, please contact Gina Accardo, at 215-504-5610 ext 202, or e-mail gina.accardo@va.gov .

    Main Rally Point
    Applebees (really Chick-fil-a)
    Newtown Shopping Center
    4 West Road, Newtown, PA 18940

    Rally Time 1300
    KSU 1330

SEPA 5/2/15 Re-naming of the Phila VA Medical Center in Honor of Phila MOH recipient, Cpl. Michael Crecenz, SW Phila, PA


A Hero’s Welcome, we have been personally invited to join the Crescenz family at a ceremony to re-name the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. The Crescenz family has participated in many of our Welcome Home missions and this time, they’d like us to join them in Welcoming Home their brother, Michael as his city honors him in such a special way.

Cpl Michael Crescenz,  was awarded the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War. He was the only Philadelphia native to receive the Medal of Honor in Vietnam.  Please join together to remember this Great American Hero as our area honors Michael by renaming the Philadelphia Medical Center the

“Corporal Michael J. Crescenz Department of  Veterans Affairs Medical Center” 

Please contact maria@aheros-welcome.org if you are able to attend this event.  It would be nice to arrive and attend as a group.

 More details to follow, rally point and times TBA.. watch this site for updates

invite mikecresenz


Corporal, Army of the United States
for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

Cpl. Crescenz distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving as a rifleman with Company A. In the morning his unit engaged a large, well-entrenched force of the North Vietnamese Army whose initial burst of fire pinned down the lead squad and killed the 2 point men, halting the advance of Company A. Immediately, Cpl. Crescenz left the relative safety of his own position, seized a nearby machine gun and, with complete disregard for his safety, charged 100 meters up a slope toward the enemy’s bunkers which he effectively silenced, killing the 2 occupants of each. Undaunted by the withering machine gun fire around him, Cpl. Crescenz courageously moved forward toward a third bunker which he also succeeded in silencing, killing 2 more of the enemy and momentarily clearing the route of advance for his comrades. Suddenly, intense machine gun fire erupted from an unseen, camouflaged bunker. Realizing the danger to his fellow soldiers, Cpl. Crescenz disregarded the barrage of hostile fire directed at him and daringly advanced toward the position. Assaulting with his machine gun, Cpl. Crescenz was within 5 meters of the bunker when he was mortally wounded by the fire from the enemy machine gun. As a direct result of his heroic actions, his company was able to maneuver freely with minimal danger and to complete its mission, defeating the enemy. Cpl. Crescenz’s bravery and extraordinary heroism at the cost of his life are in the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army.[1]




Are you a runner? A walker? A PATRIOT?????
YOU can help “Freedom Steps” by supporting this event.
Please join A Hero’s Welcome and the Warriors’ Watch Riders as we cheer on the runners, many are active duty and prior Military!  as they raise funds to send much needed care packages to our Troops.

Please spread the word if you can’t make it and consider sending a donation!  
More information about Freedom Steps is available below.  

Freedom Steps poster

PA 5/2/15 Welcome Home Cpl. Cassidy, USMC PHL


SEPA 5/2 Airport only welcome home for Cpl. Cassidy USMC

Warriors Watch has been contacted by the proud mom of Cpl. Cassidy, USMC.

We will meet him when he arrives at Phila. airport and show him how much we appreciate his service to this great country.


Main Rally Point

FB 69

Rally Time

4:30 pm


5:00 pm


A Hero’s Welcome Thanks Donators who supported the MSAWI Support the Troops Day


ACME & Giant Donations



Walmart and Giant Southampton


IMG_1494 IMG_1485


Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews donation pick-up



Thank you to the staff of Eros Wholesale. Owner Brad Seiver, middle with earpiece.

EROSIMG_1587 IMG_1588



Pace Charter School.. Thank you for your       donation!!! 
IMG_1592 IMG_1593 IMG_1594 IMG_1598

DE Chapter collecting items for Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans in Northern Delaware


TEAM WORK!!!!! PA and DE Chapters getting it done!!!!


A Hero’s Welcome Delaware Chapter are collecting items to help

Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans in Northern Delaware.

15 AHWDEdonations

There are 20 veterans residing in the shelter and many waiting to come in from the COLD.

We are in need of toiletries (Shampoo, soap, deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste etc….) We have received a donation from a local

#1 request from our Veterans is SOCKS and baseball caps!!!

Dollar Stores are a great source if you have connections please let us know.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, If you can help please email Rosely at ahwdelaware@gmail.com


Thank you





DE Chapter 1 Recognized by Wreaths Across America




Rosely Robinson, Delaware Chapter Director and her Delaware team worked tirelessly this past year to make the Wreaths Across America mission a HUGE success.  Rosely, Bob, Elaine, Judy, Jim, Calvin, Carol among others raised funds to purchase beautiful wreaths to be placed on the graves of our Veterans.  Rosely and Jim even made a trip to the Arlington National Cemetery to work with the Wreaths Across America organization and were honored to participate in the Honor Mission and burial of a Marine who had recently passed.

The Delaware Chapter of A Hero’s Welcome also received a letter of  Thanks and Certificate of appreciation sent to Rosely.

GREAT JOB! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!   Other Chapters are welcome to participate in the Wreaths Across America 2015, please contact Rosely for more information.  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

National Wreaths Across America Day

– See more at: http://www.wreathsacrossamerica.org/#sthash.cGUxs735.dpuf



New Jersey 1/22/15 Hoops for our Troops Night! Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


 NNJ Veteran's Night a Hasbrouck HS



Please join the Hasbrouck Heights Lady Aviators as we honor and thank all of the veterans and current servicemen and women in attendance for their service. 

All military persons are invited to attend the Girls Basketball game on Thursday, January 22 at 6:45 pm at Hasbrouck Heights High School in the New Gym.  Admission for military personnel is free.

Please join us as we show our gratitude for our Troops!!!

Location: 365 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604

SEPA 11/15/14 Food Drive for Homeless Vets, Pottstown, PA


It’s that time of year again, Second Brigade Motorcycle Club (SBMC) is gathering food for to feed “Homeless and Needy Vets”.  YES, you heard me .. HOMELESS VETS!   … these are two words that should never be said in the same sentence. SBMC gathers food to feed the homeless and needy Vets in the Reading, PA area all year long, hosting monthly stand downs at Reading Park.  

During the Holidays, this is even more important. Let’s help them, help those who gave their best to our Country.

Please consider bringing a donation of  non-perishable food items, a turkey, ham, etc. to the Sanatoga Thriftway located at 2190 E High St, Pottstown, PA 19464.  

Date: Saturday 11/15/14

Time:  10 am- 4 pm

Thank you!

SBMC Joint Ops Food Drive


Please join us for our annual Food Drive at the Sanatoga Thriftway supermarket – thanks very much to those folks for hosting us again! We’ll be collecting all types of packaged food for Christmas time deliveries to our shut-in and at-risk Veterans and their families. Hams, turkeys, canned goods of course! Ready-made is best, but we’re happy with anything you bring! Thank you all for all the years you’ve helped – and we hope to see you on 15 November from 10 until 4!


November 8, 2014
Reading PA

Here is a view of the SBMC helping Vets at a SBMC Veteran’s Stand Down


What’s a “Stand Down”? It’s an opportunity for our local disadvantaged Veterans to get a wellness check, new clothing, cool weather gear, toiletries and other necessities – including bed rolls, blankets and more – all free of charge to VetsVets: just bring your VA ID card or your DD214…we’ll get you squared away! (Don’t have one? We can help.) Wanna help out? Great – be at Reading’s City Park in Veterans’ Grove at 9am for a great day of helping our nation’s heroes – Veterans!
Every second Saturday of each and every month…rain or shine, we’ll be there, helping our Veterans. Come out and help…it’ll be the best day of YOUR month!

PA 10/5/14 SHORT NOTICE M&H FOR SSG Othoniel Cruz Rondon, US Army Collegeville, PA




Warriors’ Watch Riders have received a request from the family of SSG. Rondon for one of our world famous M&H’s at a party the family is throwing for our hero. Here is a little about SSG. Rondon. 

He has been active duty for 10 years in the Infantry (Army). He has 3 beautiful daughters and a soon to be step-daughter (Evelyn, Dawn, Aaliyah and Khaleesi). Othoniel is originally from a small town in Puerto Rico. He has done 2 tours in Iraq and this tour in Afghanistan.

For this deployment he left in the middle of January 2014 and did not return until the end of August 2014. In this past tour he missed his beautiful daughter Khaleesi’s birth, who is now about to be 6 months old on Oct 8.

The family could not be there for his welcome home ceremony in El Paso, TX. It was very heart breaking for everyone.

He is very proud of being a Soldier and thinks of the Army very highly and loves what he does, even with all the heart ache and problems it has caused for him physically and mentally.

Othoniel hasn’t seen his daughters, Evelyn and Dawn, for 3 years  as  they live in the Philippines, it has been really hard on him. 

Rally Point: 130 West Main St. Collegeville, PA. 19426

Rally Time: 16:00 (4:00 PM) 

KSU: 16:25 (4:25 PM) 

Looking for ways to help AHW? I’ve got some ideas!


Summer is over and things are going to get busy with the holidays coming up.. this also means the troops will be coming home more frequently to see family and friends.

I’d like to put together “Welcome Home Teams” to cover periods of time (creating a schedule)  and to cover areas of PA and NJ where the welcomes would take place.  I’m hoping this will make more efficient use of everyone’s time and resources. (Ideas are welcome)

Please contact me if you’d like to be a part of a “team’ where you live.   If there is a welcome home close to you, you would present the certificate and be a part of the planning for that particular welcome.  Similar to the Ride Captain for our sister group, the Warriors’ Watch Riders.  It’s very exciting to know YOU put the welcome home together, very rewarding to see the family and our HERO be reunited!

Please think about it…  and thank you for your continued support!

For the Troops,

Maria Hyland

* * * *

Look what we have so far!

PR: Jane Perkins and Dan O’Kane

Bucks County Team:  Paul and Clare Wexler

Phila Airport Team:  Dan O’Kane

Montgomery County Team:  Maria and Bob Kerr

Needed: Website Moderators and Email support

Warriors’ Watch Rider Harry Rombold featured on Harley Davidson Visa Commercial!


Our very own Harry Rombold entered his story and the story of the Warriors’ Watch Riders mission to a recent Harley Davidson Visa commercial contest.. and well, we all know Harry is a winner.. but this time.. so did Harley Davidson!! Please sit back and enjoy this video clip.. and just think.. we all can say “we knew Harry …when”

Thank you Harry for being the perfect representative from WWR !


(password is hdv if needed)