8/1/11 STAND DOWN!!!!Welcome Home Cpl Thomas Kent

Thomas’ leave has been changed, we’ll be standing by when we hear of any updates.. thank you! 

We have been asked by proud dad Harry Kent if we could help welcome his son Thomas Home. Well it might be a short notice but what say you, can we do this?? Well you know we can, lets go folks lets get out and show this young 10th Mt. Cpl how much we appreciate his service for this country.

Short Story:
My son Cpl Thomas Kent is coming in from Afghanistan he is with the 3bct 4-25 10th Mountain out of Fort Drum NY. He is coming home to Philadelphia airport. He is on 2 week leave his wife Roseann and 2 sons are staying down here for the summer. This is Thomas’s 2nd tour he was in Iraq in 2008/2009
Cpl Thomas Kent, Tom is from Clifton Heights went to Upper Darby High school he has been stationed up at Fort Drum NY for the past two years he is with the 3BCT-4-25 10 Mountain  Division, He first was with the 812th MP’s out of Orange County NY he was in Iraq in 2008/2009. He shipped out in March he is coming home for two weeks then goes back until March 2012. Thomas is a Clifton Heights Firemen I am the the president of the fire house been a member for 34 years. Tom joined when he was 16 he is 26 years old now.

Please follow this thread as soon as I get more info I will post
Date : 8/1
Rally Point: FB69
Rally Time: TBD
Final Destination: Clifton Heights Pa.

Warriors’ Watch Riders Recognized on the floor of the House of Representatives!

McNerney Recognizes Warriors’ Watch Riders on Floor of House of Representatives
July 20, 2011
Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-11) today spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives to honor the members of the Warriors’ Watch Riders.  Rep. McNerney’s remarks recognize the organization’s tireless efforts to support our men and women in uniform and our military families.


The text of Congressman McNerney’s remarks is below.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today to ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing the contributions of the Warriors’ Watch Riders – a troop support group – for their commitment to our veterans, their families and our community.

“Rain or shine, the Warriors’ Watch Riders in my district provide a motorcycle escort to our service members and welcome them home as they return back to our community.

“When one of our service members makes the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, the Warriors’ Watch Riders recognize their sacrifice, honor their memory and offer support to their families.

“I have seen firsthand how the Warriors’ Watch riders bring communities together with the roar of their motorcycles.  Bonds are built, tears are shed and families, friends and neighbors come together with the Warriors’ Watch Riders to show respect for the sacrifices those in uniform make to ensure our freedom.

“I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing the Warriors’ Watch Riders for all they do for the men and women who serve our country.”

STAND DOWN!!! Welcome Home Spc. Caleb Stetler, US Army (Harrisburg, PA)

Just heard that Caleb’s battalions leaves were all postponed. For what reason we don’t know. The mission is officially a STAND DOWN. Thanks for all the effort. Will let you know when they are reinstated. Manchu Chris Hill

Very Short Notice
Please pass the word to any friends in Harrisburg….. Let’s show this Soldier know we care!

This Welcome Home is very short notice.  We have three  missions on Saturday…  but let’s do our best and welcome this hero home.    

        SGT Greg Blackburn USMC, who lost his leg, requested a welcome home for his friend. PFC Caleb Stetler, US ARMY. Caleb enlisted after Greg lost his leg and after his own  brother was injured as well. Returning from Afghanistan, Landing in Harrisburg around 10:30 AM, July 16, 2011.  

I can not attend this one, is anyone interested in trying to make this?

PFC Stetler serves in the 25th Infantry Div.

July 4, 2011 Veterans wanted to participate in Parade! Plymouth Twp. PA

Please keep this in mind for next year, it comes so quickly!!! 

To whom it may concern:

 Whitemarsh Township is asking for Veterans and/or their families to participate in the annual 4th of July Parade to be recognized for their dedication, service, and sacrifice for our country.  If you know of any Veterans or members of their families who would like to participate in the parade, please pass this information to them and ask them to contact the Township. 


E. J. Lee

Assistant Township Manager

 616 Germantown Pike

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-1821

Tel: 610-825-3535

Fax: 610-825-9416

Philadelphia Soul Arena Football

The PHiladelphia Soul CIO has contacted us and would like to donate FREE tickets to
“Any soldier or anyone in your organization is welcome to come to any of our games”

Please let me know if you’d like to attend a game.   Friday, June 17, 2011 is open or any other game. 

http://www.philadelphiasoul.com/home.cfm (for schedule)

You can pick up the tickets at Will Call but I will need your name and the # of tickets needed. 

Thank you!

Oregon starts new chapter of A Hero’s Welcome

Oregon has started A Hero’s Welcome with our Chapter Director, Cindy taking the lead role in an honor mission for Spc. Matthew DeYoung.  
Cindy worked her heart out to give Spc. DeYoung his final welcome home.   She has made some wonderful contacts and is an inspiration for sure.  A Veteran herself, Cindy is also the wife/widow of a Vietnam Veteran, mother of 2 Veterans and mother in law of a Veteran.  What a military family!!!  Welcome aboard Cindy! (did I mention Cindy rides a Spider like our Lil’ Audrey?)
you can contact Cindy at