7/24/17 Escort for Cpl Dan Baldassare, USMC, killed in KC-130 crash Dover, DE to Freehold, NJ

Monday July 24, 2017 A Hero’s Welcome members and fellow Patriots are invited to stand in honor of United States Marine Corps Corporal Dan Baldassare of Colts Neck, NJ.  
Cpl Baldassare was killed in the tragic explosion and crash of a KC-130 on July 10 in Mississippi.  
A  motorcycle escort will lead the hearse bringing Cpl Baldassare back to his hometown.  They will be leaving Dover AFB, Delaware at 10am being escorted by Colts Neck PD car with a small Detachment of Strength & Honor MC riders.
Please feel free to meet at the first rest stop north bound on the New Jersey turnpike Fenwick rest area at 10am with KSU 11:15 or earlier, or stand along the route of travel north bound on the New Jersey Turnpike to exit 1 to 7A.
They will then take 195 east to Route 9 North to Howell, NJ Rt9N to Rt 524 east to Clayton-McGirr Funeral Home Freehold,NJ
NOTE: This ride will take approx. 1 1/2 hours, with New Jersey State Police leading the escort. 
Once the hearse gets to Fenwick rest area the escort will be leaving within a ten minute window. 
Please post on our forum or facebook page if you’d like to coordinate with other members planning on participating. 
Please bring your American Flag and be prepaired to wait, times are not exact. The total escort time from Dover to the destination is approx 1.5 Hrs and there is no way to communicate with the riders.
Plan on being in place on the Northbound side of the NJ Turnpike  exit 1 up to Exit 7A  no later 11:15 am.  

Looking for members in the Virginia Beach area to assist with Welcome Home


A Hero’s Welcome,

We  have received a  welcome home request from a husband of a Sailor in Virginia Beach, VA who recently returned from her 3rd deployment!  She has spent many months away from her children and her hubby wanted to do something special for his wife when she returned home.  We have not been able to properly plan a welcome home since currently have no chapter in the Virginia Beach area but…that doesn’t mean it won’t still happen!!!

If you know of anyone in the Virginia Beach area that would be interested in helping us plan a welcome home for this Sailor, please contact me.

Our Hero is already home so this will be an easy mission to plan…

For the Troops,

Maria  Hyland

A Hero’s Welcome