8/26/17 Welcome Home Sgt. Judah Strange, USMC Oaks to Royersford, PA

We have been invited to join Warriors’ Watch as they Welcome Home SGT. Judah Strange, USMC.

“We can’t say no to this Mission since Judah hasn’t been home in 5 years!!! Although he was not deployed in harms’ way, Sgt. Strange served 2 tours in Japan, and a tour in Hawaii. Our Hero has been transferred back Stateside, and will enjoy a very much deserved Leave. He will be driving up from Baltimore MD, with a stop in OAKS Pa, where we will meet Him at the Rally point, then escort Him and his family to His Welcome Home Party at his Sister Colleens house in Linfield Pa. (Royersford )
There we will be welcomed by the local Fire Dept, Family and friends. Let’s give SGT Strange our famous Rock Star treatment, and make this escort one that He and His Family won’t soon forget.

Also, Sgt. Stranges’ father, cousin, and 2 other family members are all veterans, so we will honor them all!!

200 Mill Rd, Oaks, PA 19456
just off EGYPT RD., OAKS PA.

WWR RC: DennyJ

8/23/17 Welcome Home Samantha (USAF) and Tyler Kartal (US Army) Levitown, PA

A Hero’s Welcome will be joining Warriors’ Watch Riders and the Bucks County Road Crew to say Thank you and Welcome Home to Aero Medic Samantha Lowe-Kartal, USAF and her husband, Specialist Tyler Kartal, US Army.

We will rally at Truman High School at 1830 (KSU 1845) and then head back to the family’s house to coin Combat Veteran Specialist Tyler Kartal.

Bucks County Road Crew will be joining us in making the neighborhood aware of the heroes in the area and thank them both for their service to this great country of ours, and thank him for laying his life on the line for freedoms that to many take for granted…. And finally, to let them and their families know that they will never be forgotten.
The hero-newlyweds are moving to Colorado to continue their military careers. Tyler and Samantha were just recently married before she left for boot camp in the beginning of the summer. Specialist Tyler returned from Afghanistan last September and re-enlisted.

Rally Point: Truman High School 3001 Green Ln, Levittown, PA 19057
Rally Time: 1830 (6:30pm)

KSU: 1845 (6:45pm)

WWR RC: Throatpunch

Looking for members in the Virginia Beach area to assist with Welcome Home


A Hero’s Welcome,

We  have received a  welcome home request from a husband of a Sailor in Virginia Beach, VA who recently returned from her 3rd deployment!  She has spent many months away from her children and her hubby wanted to do something special for his wife when she returned home.  We have not been able to properly plan a welcome home since currently have no chapter in the Virginia Beach area but…that doesn’t mean it won’t still happen!!!

If you know of anyone in the Virginia Beach area that would be interested in helping us plan a welcome home for this Sailor, please contact me.

Our Hero is already home so this will be an easy mission to plan…

For the Troops,

Maria  Hyland

A Hero’s Welcome