8/6/17 NJ Welcome Home HERO!!! US Air Force Newark Airport to Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


 The Star of our show!!! Airman First Class JT Rinke with AHW NNJ Chapter Director Rose Pagan!

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and we had the honor of presenting an MSAWI Star to a Vietnam Veteran too!

What: Welcome Home for Airman First Class XXX (name will be blocked on social media to keep this a surprise)
When: Sunday Aug. 6, 2017
Rally: Cell Phone parking Lot Newark Airport (map in post below) 4:00 pm
Where: Newark Airport to Hasbrouck Heights VFW

From Rose: Hi everyone!

Thank you so very much for volunteering to be part of this WONDERFUL experience!!! Our local hero, XXX, USAF Airman First Class (name held due to his access to social media)  will be returning home (for at least a short time) on Sunday, Aug 6th. His flight is due to land at 5pm at Newark Airport.
For those of you that are part of the airport committee (J. Kelly, D. Hackett, S. DeJessa), I will be emailing you separately with details.
For the majority of you that will be welcoming our at the destination, below are the details. Please be aware that this young man is traveling halfway across the country, so flight details are tentative until he boards his plane!!! I will be emailing updates from now on, so everyone in thie email group is aware of the situation.
Welcome Home Committee Details:
Please gather at the Hasbrouck Heights VFW at approximately 6:30pm (this is subject to change) on Sunday, August 6th. Please bring your families and friends with lots of American flags, banners and whatever you want to bring that is appropriate for a United States soldier’s return home.
Please remain in the parking lot at the VFW until you hear from me and our approximate time of arrival. Our Hero and his family will be arriving with a motorcycle escort from Warriors’ Watch Riders.
Please be respectful of the welcome, the soldier, the family, the various organizations, the neighbors as well as the VFW and each other! This is an AWESOME event for this family and for all of us involved.
Thanking you all from the bottom of my heart,
Rose Pagan