12/13/17 Welcome Home Welcome Home Sgt. McKenry US ARMY PHL escort to the Poconos area


Rally Place: Firebase 69, 8201 Bartram Avenue, Philadelphia
Rally Time: 10:15 am
KSU: 10:45 am

12/13/17  Welcome Home Escort Sgt. McKenry US ARMY, PHL and (escort to the Poconos area)

A Hero’s Welcome has been invited to  join the NEPA and SEPA Warriors Watch Riders chapters in welcoming home a WWR member from Camp Buehring, Kuwait. Her escort will be from PHL to surprise her very young son at his daycare center in the Poconos, as he does not know that she is coming home. Please read below and see how valued she is to NEPA’s member “Krete” .

Sgt. Celeste McKenry is a single mom, employee at Sam Adams Brewery, and a “flag waving” WWR member. Krete knows her from working at Sam Adams Brewery. ” When she got the orders to ship out, he threw a huge **** storm at work, being Sam Adams is a Patriotic Company.”  Since she left, he organized a donation box, and have sent care packages not only to her, but to her entire 141 battle buddies she commands in Kuwait. She was sent on her mission with a star to carry with her. So a coin and certificate would be the proper.

Celeste is like a daughter to Krete, and it breaks his heart that he will be in St. Louis when she comes home. He requests that someone take a video for him and says this event is “Gonna be one of those onion cutting ninja moments”.

You will see in the photos below that she sent back a flag and certificate after being flown over her base in Kuwait. Krete says, “Any and all are welcome to join if they care to attend. I will leave it up to you, on how far if at all, you and yours escort her. My hopes, are you can get her out of the airport, and let her experience, the bikes and flags, weather permitting.”