Delaware‎ Former POW to get A Hero’s Welcome Home

Former POW to receive A Hero’s Welcome Home thanks to Rebecca Bristow who met him on Rehoboth Beach’s boardwalk
The family of former POW and purple heart recipient PVT Bayard Horn have requested
A Hero’s Welcome Delaware to honor him with a Hero’s Welcome Home.
And that is just what we will do.Bayard Horn grew cup in Wilmington, Delaware, attended Conrad High School, he was drafted before his graduation in 1943. At 18 he went to boot camp in Fort Hood in Texas and was shipped to Casablanca, Morocco, then to Italy where he served with the Army’s 36th Infantry. After liberating Rome in June 1944 his unit was involved in the invasion of southern France. In August of 1944 his entire company was surrounded and captured by the Germans. They were loaded onto unmarked boxcars headed to POW German camps. During one of the raids, Horn and several other prisoners jumped out of a boxcar where he was hit by shrapnel on his leg. German doctors operated on his injured leg without anesthesia, in non-sanitary conditions, with no medicine. Unethical procedures, with the lack of proper nutrition caused Horn to suffer infections with no antibiotics being available to him his infection propelled worse. After a long struggle he eventually came under the care of a British POW doctor who took care of him on a regular basis. He almost lost his leg twice due to infections. The Red Cross eventually brought penicillin which helped save his lower leg. “But throughout life he never allowed the past to define his future” his daughter, Bonnie stated.
On April 29-30 of 1945 the Army 14th Armored Division liberated the largest German POW camp near Moosburg, Germany, Horn was among 80,000-100,000 other allied prisoners freed.
Following his liberation, he was sent to Camp Lucky Strike in France and then sent back to the US where he was admitted to an Orangeburg New York hospital for a month to help aid him in the recovery process from his injuries.
After the war Horn married his childhood sweetheart, Violet in 1946 and the couple had two children. They moved to Rehoboth in 1971. Violet passed away in 2013.
On Veterans Day 2014 Horn finally received a purple heart for his heroism in World War II, at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, presented by his friend and Vietnam Veteran (1963-66), Denny Aylor. Aylor navigated military bureaucracy for seven years in order to get his friend the purple heart. This metal was 70 years coming but he never gave up hope in getting his neighbor the metal he earned and deserved.
Horn resides in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where he enjoys spending time at the VFW and spending time with his caregiver and friend Doreen and her husband Shawn and his large loving family. Bayard Horn is a well loved father, grandfather and great grandfather.
His daughter said that her father rarely talks about his experienced during the war. Her father was featured in a photo in Tom Brokaw’s book “The Greatest Generation”. She said “He is a true American Hero who has been through a lot and never complained.

Please join Rebecca Bristow with A Hero’s Welcome Delaware in giving our local HERO the WELCOME HOME he deserves!

Please join us:

WHEN: Saturday February 3, 2018
101 State Road
Rehaboth Beach, DE 19971

TIME: 12:30 PM