NNJ Volunteers Assemble Star Packets for Troops and Veterans

Post by Rose Pagan: Thank you to everyone who helped on Support Your Troops Day and of course to the HH VFW for always supporting us! #msawi

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ —  Nearly two dozen volunteers gathered at the Hasbrouck Heights VFW to assemble Star Packets on Wednesday afternoon, during an event organized by A Hero’s Welcome Northern New Jersey Chapter.

The volunteers sat at tables with different tasks, including cutting stars from worn, unusable American flags, writing letters, or assembling the packages. In total, the group assembled 750 Packets.

The Star Packets included: A star from a worn American flag and a card which reads “I am part of our American Flag, I have flown over a home in the USA and I can no longer fly.  The sun and wind have caused me to become tatered and torn.  Please carry me as a reminder that YOU are not forgotten.”

“It is always an honor to have people come out and support anything that we do for the troops and for the vets,” said Rose Pagan coordinator with A Hero’s Welcome. “These letters and packets will be distributed throughout the coming months at various veterans events. Thanks to everyone who came out.”

The Star Packets will be distributed to troops overseas and veterans stateside on Support Your Troops Day in NYC on April 29.