11/9/18 Welcome Home SSGT Paul Stadelberger, Delaware ANG Abington, PA

Our hero has just left Kuwait and is expected to arrive home sometime on Friday. The Warriors’ Watch Riders will escort Staff Sergeant Stadelberger to Abington, PA

Stand by for final details.

About our Hero:

Philadelphia Police Officer and Staff Sergeant Paul C. Stadelberger has been in Kuwait for over 3 months. Previously less than a 1.5 years ago was in Afghanistan. He is in the DE Air National Guard, been a guardsman for over 15 years. He was also in Navy, active duty 4 years. This was a volunteer deployment as another member injured had to come out he went on to finish the 6 month deployment.

A little history on our hero: 4 years active duty with the Navy, deployed twice in 97 and 99. And 17 years with the Delaware Air National Guard, deployed twice.

Rally Point: To be announced
Rally Time: To be announced