11/16/19 Welcome Home GySgt Theodore E. Sheetz, Jr. , USMC Boyertown, PA


Photos by Tom Hyland


Date: 11/16/19 SATURDAY

Rally Point: Earl Elementary School, 22 School House Rd, Boyertown, PA 19512

Rally Time: 11:00 Am KSU 11: 40 am

Our hero, GySgt. Theordore E. Sheetz, Jr. (Ted) has recently retired from the Marine Corps and his family would like to honor him with a Mug n Hug / Welcome Home at his home in Boyertown.
Ted has been in the Marine Corps since he was 18 yrs old (he is now 36!) has had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and has never had a proper welcome home. He reached the rank of GySgt and his MOS is Explosive Ordinance Disposal Operations and Training Manager. GySgt Sheetz is returning from MCB Camp Lejeune, NC.

Let’s gather to say Thank you to Ted and Welcome Home!!! We will rally at Earl Elementary School and head out to Ted’s family home where his father will bring him to meet us all.