1/18/20 UPDATE!!! Mug n Hug Senior Airman Justin Harkins Watch for Updates! Downingtown, PA

SEPA- 1/18 M/H Senior Airman Justin Harkins


Primary Rally Location – Faith Community Baptist Church
1585 Glenside Rd Downingtown Pa 19335

Rally Time – 1700 Hrs ( 5 pm)
KSU – 1725 Hrs ( 5:25 Pm)

Posting this now to get this on our radar, waiting for the proud mom to get more intel. Mom and  the Warriors’ Watch Riders have decided to go from a Welcome Home tomorrow evening to a Mug & Hug this weekend in the Downingtown Pa area.   

See below from AirForce Mom.

Just left his first duty station, home for 10 days before going to next duty station. (HAS NOT BEEN HOME IN 2 years.)
Joined Air Force June 2017.
Graduated BMT August 2017.
Started Security Forces August 2017.
Assigned to First Duty Station overseas in December 2017.

Would have been home in July 2019 for vacation but was re-assigned to a deployment unit. Did not Deploy.

Finally coming home for first time in 2 years before flying out to next base where he will be for at least 1 year