STAND DOWN!!! Welcome Home Spc. Caleb Stetler, US Army (Harrisburg, PA)

Just heard that Caleb’s battalions leaves were all postponed. For what reason we don’t know. The mission is officially a STAND DOWN. Thanks for all the effort. Will let you know when they are reinstated. Manchu Chris Hill

Very Short Notice
Please pass the word to any friends in Harrisburg….. Let’s show this Soldier know we care!

This Welcome Home is very short notice.  We have three  missions on Saturday…  but let’s do our best and welcome this hero home.    

        SGT Greg Blackburn USMC, who lost his leg, requested a welcome home for his friend. PFC Caleb Stetler, US ARMY. Caleb enlisted after Greg lost his leg and after his own  brother was injured as well. Returning from Afghanistan, Landing in Harrisburg around 10:30 AM, July 16, 2011.  

I can not attend this one, is anyone interested in trying to make this?

PFC Stetler serves in the 25th Infantry Div.

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