9/4/11 Welcome Home Cpl. Corey Stahler, U.S.M.C.

Elizabeth Nagle, who is our contact person, on this mission, recently wrote to WWR, the note follows.

I attended a Warriors Watch ride a few weeks ago and was so moved by all that you do. Thank you!
I’d like to know if it’s too late to get a ride together for my nephew who is returning from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan, he is a US Marine, newly married 23 years old. August 18 returned to NC and will be coming to the Lehigh Valley to see family and friends in Sept. After talking to my sister Tracy about the escort I had attended. She asked if I could get in touch with Warriors Watch to find out if there is anything that can be done for Corey.

     Anyone think Sunday September 4th is too short of notice?  I think not!
     Can anything be done for Corey? Yes it can!

RC—Dirty Dog—Thanks for stepping up!!


Rally Point: Becky’s Drive In, 4548 Lehigh Dr., Walnutport, PA
Rally Time: 1:00 PM   Cpl Stahler will be arriving at 2:00 PM
KSU: 2:15 PM
to escort him to a location about 11 miles away

A short Bio about Cpl Corey Stahler:

Corey is 23 years old, graduated from Northwestern High School in New Tripoli PA in 2005.
          Enlisted in the Marine Corp, June 2007
          Just returned from his 2nd tour of duty in Afghanistan.
          Marine Corporal E-4  (1371) Combat Engineer.
          Married in 2010 then deployed within two weeks.


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