5/14/14 Welcome Home O1 John Long, US Navy Levitown, PA


Great job today LeeC and Brenda!!!¬† Welcome Home John! thank you for your service… photos by Jeff Story.. thank you Jeff!


Steve Long has requested WWR’s to give his brother John a proper Welcome Home. What do you think about crashing a 3 year olds birthday party? KEEP READING!

John has been in the US Navy for 13 years. He recently came back to the USA after a long 13 month deployment in Bahrain. He will be coming home to Levittown. He has tons of awards. John has been around the world on numerous deployments and really never has been welcomed home properly.

John comes from a family of service men & women from his grandparents to his brother & sister.

John has a fiancé named Jess, and I know the last 13 months has been tough on her. John loves hunting and fishing. He lives in Jacksonville Fl.

We will be having my niece’s 3rd birthday party during the day and then his welcoming home party. He doesn’t know anything about it, he thinks it’s just her party.

Rally: Brian’s Harley-Davidson, 600 Flower Mills Rd. Langhorne Pa.

Rally Time: 3:30pm KSU 4:15pm for a 6 mile ride to Levittown Pa.

RC: LeeC


https://picasaweb.google.com/1122727924 … LongUSNavy

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