12/15/10 Welcome Home SPC Brady Fagans, U. S. Army Wed. Dec. 15, 2010

 We didn’t have much info on this at the beginning but what I got from the WWR is this…. “Spc. Brady Fagans was injured in Afghanastan by an IED.  I do know if he wasn’t there defending OUR FREEDOM, this wouldnt have happened. I know 1 more thing- I intend to be there on the 15th when he makes his way down the hall and to the escalator at the airport.
Lets get out in force for this one guys and girls.Show this hero that we appreciate his service and sacrifice for us.”

WHO-SPC Brady Fagans
WHAT-Welcome Home Escort
WHERE-PHL to the Bristol area
WHEN- Dec 15th
Rally :  FB 69 Time:  1500 Hrs. (3:00 pm) KSU / Depart for airport  15:20 (3:20 pm) This escort will be from PHL to the Bristol area Spc. Fagans has not been home for  Christmas in years.

Heres the request from Melissa:


My husband is coming home for the first Christmas in years, he is currently enlisted in the Army. He just recieved a purple heart for being injured by an IED in Afghanistan. He comes home December 15th and our family couldnt be more blessed. A friend told me briefly about your services, but not much.

Following in his father’s foot steps  Brady entered the army October 21, 2008. Then he went to AIT at Fort Bliss In El Paso, Texas. He was then reassigned to Bamberg, Germany and after 9 months he was deployed to Afghanistan with the 173rd combat airborne infantry battalion, to fight for “operation freedom”. He is the recent recipient of a purple heart and a combat action badge.

Son of Brady and Sharon Fagans, he grew up in Bristol, PA his entire life. He is a brother to three sisters: Shannon, Natalie, and McKenzie. Brady and I are happily married and expecting our first born this coming may! I’m just so happy we can spend the holiday together…I feel very lucky. Unfortunately he will be sent back to Germany in January awaiting his next deployment. But those are the sacrifices he makes to fight for his country.  

I know this is an early afternoon mission , but lets do our best to get out and welcome this true hero home. ***** LETS MAKE THIS A GREAT BIG ONE*****
* * * * * Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010 there will be lots going on, please watch the site for updates / www.warriorswatch.org

   thank you! for more info or questions:  Maria / 610 327 2916
for more info:



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