NY 8/6/15 Mug n Hug for Korean War Veteran , Bronx, NY

Our Brooklyn Chapter Director, Everett Miller and his family met with our Hero on Aug. 6 in the Bronx / VA Hospital.  Everett, thank you for meeting with James and presenting him with our AHW Certificate of appreciation! James.. we hope you are feeling better and .. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

everettand james

From Everett: ” I got the chance to meet this great Hero and introduce him to my wife and daughter. I thanked him for his service and presented him with a certificate, the MSAWI Star and a WWR coin. Thank you Rosely Robinson for providing me the opportunity to have this experience.” 

A Hero’s Welcome, we received a request from Rosely, chapter director in Delaware to honor a dear friend of hers.  Our Brooklyn and North Jersey Chapters are working on the plans now to honor this Korean War Veteran who is currently in Hospice.

Please watch this site for more info

Info on our Hero:

This is Rosely Robinson from AHW-DE, state coordinator.  I am writing to you in hopes that you can do a Mug and Hug for a very special person.

I met a Korean War Veteran named James last fall while in Bethany Beach, DE.  We talked for a great length, to find out he served in the Korean War and is a member of the VFW #7234 in Ocean View, Delaware, next to Bethany Beach.  JIM DOG, as he likes to be called and I became friends over these past few months.  He has had a lot of hurdles with his health.  In order to see a doctor he travels by car and bus VA in Delaware (2 hr. trip one way) where he has to spend the whole day with the other Veterans while they also have appointments.  You can imagine what that must be like when you are not well and fighting cancer.  But that is the only way he has to get to the VA.   He is an incredible guy! Up to the day he went to NY he cooked BBQ chicken for the VFW on the hiway in Bethany to raise money!

I would really appreciate if there is anyway AHW-NY and WWR could do a Mug and Hug for him in NY.

For our Troops

Rosely Robinson

A Hero’s Welcome Delaware Chapter